El Camerino. Restaurant.

Year: 2018-2019

Location: Barrio de Russafa. Valencia

Collaborators: ELO Construcciones, El Gallinero Graphic Design.

Photography: José Hevia

Awards: RBDA 2020 Finalist – International Color Category.

El Camerino is a local with 10 years on its back. The owner came to Bodegón Cabinet to invest in a new design to give El Camerino a full conceptual coherence. Camerino is the Spanish word to refer to the backstage dressing-room in any theatre. It is a word that automatically evokes the mystery and hidden part of any play. It is in the dressing room that artists gather before the play to offer the best version of them, and it is in the dressing room where the party is after a successful night. This idea of “El Camerino” is the one connecting the design of the restaurant.

Starting at the entrance, the color palette opens up, ranging from the corporative blue given by the restaurant, to the characteristic burgundy of any make-up base, widely used in theater.  Some of the most relevant pieces of furniture in this room are the mirror circular table, and the widely published chair “La Prima”, also by Bodegón Cabinet.

“El Camerino” room (at the back) is a space isolated by a curtain, where the blue color becomes the main actor through the original textures and through some acoustic panels with a unique graphic designed especially for “El Camerino”, by “El Gallinero Studio”. Here, a blue base combines with some figures linked to the gastronomical story of the restaurant.