La Redonda Faux Marble. Unique Edition

Year: 2017

Object: : Chair

Dimensions: 80x40x80cm

Material: Hand Painted steel

Photography: Nelo Hagen


La Redonda Faux Marble is the result of the collaboration between Bodegón Cabinet and the artist Zaida Sabates. Zaida´s intervention gives the original prototype a unique aesthetic. It plays with the lightness of the chair´s profile versus the heavy pink marble materiality A unique intervention that creates a unique art piece.

La Redonda is a chair that flirts with a pure two-dimensional geometrical figure, the circle. This perfect shape is molded after being cut over a steel plate, maintaining its purity in its step towards the three dimensions. The distortion that turns a steel plate into an object occupying space, fills it with complexity and gives it new geometric relationships at the same time that, given the necessary distance, still holds the simplicity of the circle. A vanishing point on the horizon.