La Morphe. Light Fixture.

Year: 2021

Object: Lighting fixture. Ceiling, wall and table lamp.

Dimensions: Ø22x Ø7x Ø5x Ø3cm

Material: Opal & clear

Use: Ceiling, wall and table lamp

Editor: Encrú.

La Morphé is the result of a comprehensive study based on the deformation of a classic and iconic lighting feature, the light ball. The final object emerges from the mixture of contemporary high-tech techniques like the 3D printing prototyping process versus the blown glass bubbles that shaped the composition. 

A very interesting part of La Morphe´s narrative is the reflection about the arts and crafts and the concept’s evolution. Craftmanship is a tool to liberate the creative process. La Morphé is a light fixture locally developed and manufactured, based on true respect of the material and its technique. It is a handcrafted sculpture, made by the best blown-glass artisans.