Jesusas. House Renovation

Year: 2020

Location: Calle Jesus, Valencia, Spain.

Typology:  Reforma de vivienda.

Collaborators: Elo Construcciones. Photos by José Hevia

Jesusas is the result of a house renovation in the city center of Valencia. The discoveries: The original mosaic floor was covered by the 90´s terrazzo tiles, with arches in the transitions between spaces, and moldings and ceiling details that create a very unique atmosphere. The goal now was to transform it into a unique house for Miguel and Bonjo.

One of the main interventions was to connect the kitchen with the living and dining room. This space thus becomes a public area, absorbing the light through a balcony and a big bay window and creating a nice airflow through the apartment. A pleasant breeze.

An original doorway arch connects the public and the private space through the corridor. This geometry creates a pattern that is replicated in all the doors, using colored and textured glass as a reminder of the original materials and changing the scale of the space. The bathrooms allowed us to play and experiment with the proposed color palate. The bedroom resolves the poor acoustic insulation of the building while implementing the concept of formal resources: Soft geometries and the preservation and rehabilitation of the original moldings.