Chivuos. Restaurant.

Year: 2019

Location: Cánovas. Valencia

Collaborators: La Coma, Estudio de diseño gráfico.  Xave, Ilustración mural

Photography: Bodegón Cabinet

Chivuo’s is a Brand Restaurant from Barcelona, where there are three of them. The client came to Bodegon Cabinet to upgrade the Brand design, creating an atmosphere that showcases rich and complex Chivuo´s world: The Gods, the craft beer, and the street food.

To achieve this, we worked with raw materials and a wide color palette, from pure yellow to black (and all the earth and mustard colors in between) representing the nuances of their craft beers. The furniture, mostly designed by the team, is a key tool to incorporate all these shades. Last but not least, the key of the Project is distribution. The front position of the bar shortens the back of house corridors and connects it with one of the Shopfront windows, becoming the delivery point.